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AGen System Acceptance Test for AGen software is more about platforms, operating system, web browser, server, networking, antivirus reaction, firewall reaction and all other computer network involving in the implementation of AGen software. A fully tested networking environment will be required for most of the corporate customer whereby their IT administrator will only allow the proper designed software to be installed into their networking environment. Software which is involving operation of data in and out activity is critical for corporate company because it bring the company to the risk for their networking infrastructure. Server and multi user AGen software bring more risk for the organization to the external attack to their network infrastructure.  Anyway, the lite setup for AGen may note required this service where by customer just install their software at the independence computer work station and isolated from the corporate networking. 

Working together with AGen team for infrastructure list test
Performance monitoring on server 
Check list together with IT administrator
Onsite troubleshooting for any Infrastructure involve
Advice and discussion on the installation environment

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