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What is AGen software for AIDC partner? What can it help you in selling barcode mobile computer or barcode data collector?

The AGen software is a program generator use to generate and customised your own Android application on your mobile phone without required programming skill. The key point is you do not require to have programming knowledge and the software basically is just drag and drop, save the flow then you can view and use it on your mobile phone.

Our objective is sharing our development platforms result to all the partner around the globe and assist them to simplify the mobile computer software development. AGen offer drag-and-drop interfaces that allow technical to create UI layouts without writing any code. We try to build in as many intelligent as possible to assist application creator when they create the Android application.

What can you create with AGen program generator? Below is the working application available for you to use and deploy.

Warehouse application
  • Stock take
  • Stock location check
  • Stock location upgrade
  • Quick receiving recording
Retail Application
  • Price tag printing
  • Price check solution
  • Shelf/location check solution
  • Product information display
Manufacturing application
  • Production line barcode duplicator
  • Production line quality control
  • Supplier information tracing

Healthcare application
  • Wristband printing
  • Scan to check solution

Event application
  • Event Attendance tracking
  • Event visitor sticker printing
  • Event random attendance marking

The application tested on below mobile computer

Zebra TC21, TC26, TC57, TC77
Honeywell EDA52, EDA61, EDA71
Datalogic Memor 10, memor 11, skorpio x4, skorpio x5, falcon x3, falcon x4
Newland MT9052, MT9055 orca, MT95
Point mobile PM75, PM351
Also able to run on the Android mobile phone with operating system Android 8 and above

summary: AGen help you to create Android apps with ease, no programming skills needed.

by: pang

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