Autotrack On Demand Agriculture tracking is design base on barcode or RFID as a core technology to track your estate harvested palm oil fruit.

Palm Oil Tracking

How do you want to track the harvested palm oil in your estate easily and effectively? Malaysia local software team Autotrack now offers you the solution with barcode or RFID. Autotrack team use and deploy the android and RFID technologies now deliver to all the malaysia Palm Oil Estate Owner the easy to use mobile estate palm oil harvest recording system. We help to increase your harvesting productivity. Autotrack On Demand Agriculture Tracking design with the objective to assist all the farmers in Malaysia to digitalise their harvested fruit and simplify the recording and analysis of collected data to become reference for next generation of plantation reference and investment. Automatically posting the collected data back to the headquarter office makes the planning and forecasting of the output result much more effectively. The estate worker just needs to carry along a mobile computer into the palm oil farm and make quick records of the harvested fruits. Once they go back to the estate office or go online, the collected data will be posted back to the autotrack server and the headquarter management team will be able to access the daily harvesting result immediately. For the harvested result, the estate office admin clerk can still print out the report as previously what they used to print, Autotrack software comes with powerful report designer attachments in order to help the site clerk to resume and simplify their daily task. The site clerk no longer needs to reenter the harvested result and post it back to the server. All this task is completed by the estate checker with the help of a mobile device.

How Does Autotrack Agriculture Tracking Work?

To use the Autotrack On Demand Agriculture tracking software, 3 simple steps involve. First – Bring a mobile device to the estate and start recording the collected fruits. Second – Bring along the same mobile device back to the online area. Third – Now your estate administrator can view the harvested result from their mobile or desktop PC. Now your harvesting records process is done.


Daily harvested total can be known by the administrator without delay site processing. Management reports are included to help you make the best-informed business decisions relating to your daily, weekly and monthly production. Easy-to-use interface designed to meet the harvesting tracking needs of small to medium sized farmers. Daily, and weekly production report to display up to date today total harvesting result of your Palm oil estate. Separated to estate, parent field and connel block. Grouping the estate worker based on mandore, harvester and picker. Checker and maker function for harvesting.

Who should invest into this system?

Autotrack On Demand Agriculture Tracking (Palm oil tracking module) ideal to be invested by the palm oil owner who has oil palm land size more than 50 hectares with at least 2 mandores and more than 10 harvesters. The tracking and calculation formula is ideal for the sizable oil palm owner. For small farm owners who have the palm oil size smaller than 50 hectares, a public sharing cloud should be the option. Where the owners do not need to take care about computer infrastructure for their company. Autotrack team offers the hosted public cloud for the small palm oil owner. The palm oil farm owner just needs to access their daily data via their personal mobile phone and mobile devices directly to Autotrack hosted cloud. Autotrack On Demand Agriculture Tracking offers palm oil owners a simple to use barcode or RFID application to track their valuable harvested palm oil in estate. Use it to track your daily harvested palm oil and proper recording tools.

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