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Simple to use barcode based palm oil harvest tracking solution with mobile phone and mobile printer.

Autotrack On Demand team now introduce to Malaysia market our latest palm oil barcode tracking solution to assist the small and big palm oil planter in Malaysia to track their daily harvesting and collecting. This simple to use application make sure the harvested fruit is almost the same as the collected fruit. It can minimised the discrepancy happen in the big palm oil estate. The checker maker concept and picture as proof concept allow owner to reduce the missing fruit after harvesting.

To use this application, the checker just need to key in the collected fruit quantity in the delicate area, print out the checker slip. And the maker just need to scan in the printed document to verify the collected fruits quantity.

By the end of the process, the collected information will be transferred back to the server via 3G/4G communication and the supervisor will be able to view the records online.

by: pang

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