Anti-counterfeit Solution
We offer you a solution for your company to help you ensure that your products are authentic and not counterfeited by using 2D QR barcode and mobile phone.
The main objective of Anti-counterfeit tracking solutions is to assist the business and company owner to prevent duplication of their product by unethical copycat businessmen to duplicate their product in the market. With the implementation of the Autotrack in your production and distribution line. The brand owner can easily track and trace the movement of their products from manufacturer to distributor and to reseller as well as dealer hand by just using mobile phone and scan their product barcode.
2D QRcode counterfeit verification

How does it work?
Whole process started from the last step manufacturer, on top of EAN 13 barcode printed on your product, you just need to add in an additional 2D QR barcode beside your existing labeling. This barcode now will be your counterfeit tracking sticker. Small introduction to your customer can then educate them how to verify the genuineness of your product.
What other advantage can you get by adding in this small 2D barcode?
Product distribution path and flow can be retrieved by providing your distributor, dealer and reseller the scanning barcode page in order to help you to track the movement of your product. In direct contrast, the collected data can be analisis by your marketing staff and the distribution of your product in the market. The build in track and trace functionality in the Autotrack allow you to have better information, production planning, advertising and customer relationship management purposes.

How to implement it?
Autotrack On Demand Counterfeit Tracking is a fully integrated system starting from your labeling station. You just need to apply on the barcode sticker printed with 2D qrcode printed with Autotrack, apply it on to your product. The tracking and verification process start from this moment. No additional equipment needs to be invested by your distributor, reseller, partner, dealer or end user. They just need to use their own mobile photo to capture and track the movement as well as verify the product's genuinity.
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Integrated 2D QR barcode printing function
Integrated public corporate website
Track and trace with product distribution path
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