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Are you prepared to increase your daily product production but privacy is one of your concerns? We offer you the 2D barcode solution to handle this issue.

After spending a huge amount of money and a long period of time for product research and development costs, someone just simply reverse engineering your product and including your product brand directly sells to the same market with lower cost, are your organisation one of the victims of piracy issue?  

Do you know with simple product labeling investment with minimum production cost added you can have a simple to use solution to enhance your product labeling and prevent duplication. Thanks to our customer continuous feedback and popularity of 2D barcode in the society, you now can print out your GS1 barcode and at the same time print together with additional QRcode beside the EAN13 barcode in order to help to prevent the privacy issue on your product.

Is it possible to duplicate the barcode from the existing printed barcode?
The answer is yes but useless, for sure the duplicator can copy the 2D barcode generated by you but if they use this copied barcode as their identity barcode, once their customer scanned the barcode, your system will show them this the duplicate barcode. They can copy the barcode but for sure not your company website.
by: pang

20/Jan/2021IconBlock chain ready with counterfeit solutions to track your product makes it simple with the latest Honeywell printer.
11/Jan/2021IconAutotrack on demand counterfeit verification with 2D QRCode make simple with just scan the product label with your mobile phone
11/Jan/2021IconHow to use a webpage to scan barcodes without installing an application into your mobile device? Open a web browser like chrome, internet explorer or microsoft edge to scan your barcode?
11/Jan/2021IconRemember to scan when you come to ALC office to mark you are visiting ALC-TECH (M) SDN BHD office

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