Autotrack Work In progress (WIP)


Autotrack Work In Progress is design base on barcode as a core technology to track your production item. Autotrack Work In Progress make it simple to manage your businesses valuable products.

How Does Autotrack Work In Progress Work?

To use the Autotrack Work in Progress software, 4 simple steps involve.

First – Create your product master and print or laser out the product identity directly on the products.
Second – You may scan in automatically or manually the identity barcode you would like to track.
Third (Optional) – We offer vision inspection for your product to check on surface defect.
Fourth - We give you the solution to assist you to manage your warehouse inventory.

Autotrack offer you the complete solution for prepare your company toward Industry 4.0 with IoT ready production. the most important product identity will be issue and capture during the production line with the Autotrack solution. Our solution include hardware as well as software for the customer. To understand more about every step in the work in progress and how to manage the identity, click the picture link for more information.

Laser Marking
Manual Scanning
Mobile Computer
Label Printing Solution
Vision Inspection