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What is AGen Scan and print and where can you use it in warehouse?

AGen Scan to print is the application running on Zebra TC21 mobile computer, Honeywell EDA52 mobile computer or Samsung A series android mobile phone and bind with either Zebra ZQ630 mobile printer or Honeywell MPD31D mobile printer. The store worker will scan the barcode on the sticker place directly on the product and then generate a new carton box sticker in order for packaging purposes.

Example of the warehouse who can use this include TV production factory, air-con factory, water filter factory, car engine factory, car production factory. Let take an example of Air-conditional factory, the radiator of the air conditional normally come with the barcode from its radiator assembly's plant, once it reaches the air conditional assembly plant, the worker will scan and print out another sticker and stick it on the air-conditional casing. This casing sticker will be the final product label serial number and stick outside the carton box.

The advantage using AGen to do this is the flexibility of AGen to change the label design on side by setup technician, at the same time, the user no longer required to invest into expensive workstation to perform this task, they can just use their own mobile phone to do this quick and simple task.

Below video show you how to do scan and print

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