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Compare between AGen WiFi server print, AGen WiFi Client Print and AGen Bluetooth Print

AGen label printing solution offer you 3 different printing mode, which is AGen network server printing, AGen network client printing, and AGen bluetooth wireless printing. 3 different printing method offer you 3 different solution base on your organisation network setup and location of the printer.
Below is the comparison between this 3 printing method

  Network Server Print Network Client Print Bluetooth Print 
Printing communication
AGen android connect back to AGen server and instruct AGen server to do printing via TCPIP.  AGen android will send printing signal to the printer directly via TCPIP. AGen android will send printing signal to the printer directly via bluetooth.
 Printer requirment
Must have network portMust have network portMust have bluetooth connection.
 Network Infrastructure
Must have public fix IP Must connect to router. Can work with 1 rounter connect to printer and connect to the mobile device.Standalone  
 Able to print from home

Yes No No
 Printing Speed
Medium FastestFast
 Car Radio Printing (As onsite backup receipt printing device)
Yes Yes Yes 
 Mobile Phone Printing
 Yes Yes Yes
 Tablet Printing
 Yes Yes Yes
 TV box printing (Quick and cheap printing solution)

Yes Yes No 

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