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6 reason why you need to use AGen to do product label printing and no other software?

Handling and improving production label printing in various industries in Malaysia is the main business for AGen label printing solutions team. Our team offer a comprehensive and up to date printing solution as well as big data handling solutions for your organization to allow you to understand your product after it being produced and moved to market. Product movement and market feedback on the product quantity is important and can easily be achieved by issuing and identity for the product. This is where the AGen can help you in Automatic Identification Data Capturing (AIDC) arena.

Reason 1 - AGen product labeling solution is the latest technology that should be used by most of the customers in their final product labeling station. Forget about carrying a bulky computer and do printing, you can now use your mobile phone or tablet to complete this task.

Reason 2 - On top of this, you can also have the option to add a photo of the product before it is packed into the box. These records will give your organization better quality control over your products.

Reason 3 - If the above advantage is not suitable for your organization packaging process, consider the serial number tracking build into function available in AGen Product label printing. After you printed your product label, it will be automatically recorded the product serial number. Anytime your QC department can access it to check the warranty status of the product you produced.

Reason 4 – daily printing summary to be WhatsApp to the production manager, with a click of button, the sticker printing operator can inform his supervisor the daily production rate by sending WhatsApp messages. All the information is preconfigured in AGen.

Reason 5 – Wireless printing and backup device printing make easy with AGen. As you know, AGen printing is performed via Bluetooth and mobile phone, what you need to do if your printing station is faulty, just use your personal mobile phone to complete today's task, so you will not delay by your computer break down.

Reason 6 – Multi mobile device printing via 1 printer, this will indirectly speed up the printing process. AGen wishes your organization would have peak production daily.

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