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Luggage storage report explanation and what information you can get from the report?

Once you open the AGen server site to view the report for luggage storage solution, you will be able to view the available records captured from the AGen luggage storage software.

The Reference Number column is an autogenerated ticket number printed on the sticker to group the luggage together for 1 customer. This unique number also will be the reference key when you try to return the luggage to your guest.

The guest's name column shows you the guest who is trying to use the storage service, you also can add additional column information for future marketing purposes. Additional columns can be guest email addresses, guest phone number or guest Facebook page.

The photo column is useful just in case in future any claim or complaint happens on the guest luggage. The hotel staff who receive the luggage will advise them to take a few different angles of the luggage photo especially the luggage which already damage before they try to store into your hotel storage. Try to notify the guest during the check-in process if found any damage on the luggage before accepting it. The same record will be forever kept in your server for years before it is deleted by yourself.

The quantity and created user column give you information how many pieces of luggage is collected and who the staff collected the luggage. You will need to train your staff to properly label the sticker on the luggage after the storage sticker is printed, correct placement of sticker will ease the retrieving process. Always prepare for the situation where the guest is rushing for their luggage because they are already late for their departure. Staff training is important for the best service in the hospitality industry.

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