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AGen Production Label Records let you know how much you able to produce from your production line daily.

AGen Production Label Records is a complete single action solution whereby manufacturer can produce their product label sticker at the same time record warranty and analysis total production rate in their factory. It combines features to streamline the label printing process, manage product warranties, and analyse the overall production rate of a business.

Today, most of the packaging department in the factory try to produce the label in their packaging section within the factory, the packaging department just print out their product labelling, stick it on the product then consider their task it completed. The management did not know that by upgrading their existing labelling solution with AGen production label records software, they can maintain the same label printing process flow and at the same time they able to retrieve valuable information after their product being send out to the market.

In the AGen production label records software, AGen architect will assist customer in designing their existing label, by using mobile phone or tablet, the user can now easily print out their product label. This product label will carry the unique identity assign by the AGen and just in case any quality issue happens, they will be able easily recall back their product in the market.

AGen production label records solution that offers user-friendly interfaces, robust warranty management features, and comprehensive production rate analysis capabilities. Additionally, evaluate vendor support, training options, and consider the total cost of ownership.
Watch this introduction video to explain you more about Agen at packaging department.

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