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What is AGen WiFi client printing, 8 reasons why you need to select AGen WiFi client printing.

AGen WiFi client printing is a type of wireless printing that allows a device to connect directly to a printer with the wireless router or access point. This means that you can print from your device even if you are not connected or connected to internet.

WiFi client printing is the printing technology whereby the printing instruction will be sending directly from the printing device to the printer by go thru the setup network. The printer normally connect to the access point via network cable or wireless connection and the Android printing software will connect to the network normally via wireless network.

8 advantage to configure your printing environment to WiFi client printing mode as below.
  • Fast printing speed – you will be amaze by the printing speed where the printout will be immediately appeared when you press the printing button.
  • Secure printing – If you setup your printing network without connect to internet, it makes your printing environment 100% free from any malware and virus attack. It makes sure your critical business process is 100% safe.
  • Portability – the mobile device is portable, so you can have many creative before printing action like reading barcode before print, capture photo before print. This action can be performed before the print button is press.
  • Economic printing in term of hardware – Setting up client network printing required only an access point, printer and android devices. This setup is easily got from the market today.
  • Record before printing – WiFi client printing allow you to record the printing data, this is important for you for your big data analysis for the future.
  • Able to be use when the area is online or offline – No internet connection required during the printing process make the WiFi client printing easily to be perform at any place any time.
  • Support mobile phone, tablet, TVbox printing. - with the advancement of the printing technology, WiFi printing now able to run on most of the Android base device, you no longer required to invest on expensive computer to do printing task.
  • Multi device concurrent printing – WiFi client print support multiple device printing into 1 printer, it allows you to have more flexible during the printing process. You can even use your own device (mobile phone) just in case any emergency happens on the printing process.
In conclusion, WiFi client printing bring more advantage compare with your previous old USB printing technology, it not only speeds up the printing process, but it also help you after the printing process to improve your future activity and printing quality.

by: pang

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