All about PVC ID card printer

ID card Introduction

ID card printer offer you a solution for personalized of human or item tracking, access control, time recording, secure identity purposes. Our wide range of card printer from basic entry level card printer, to high end industry grade Id card printer offer you peace of mind card issue solution. Make your selection of manual double side (single sided) or automatic dual sided card printer base on the Return of Investment (ROI) calculation. ALC are offering you a dedicated solution based on your operation required on ID card.
Range of PVC ID card printer
Range of PVC ID card printer
Signature pad for you to put your signature on each ID card
How to print price tag with food contact safe ribbon and card

Latest range of ID card printer

We are carrying complete range of evolis card printer in Singapore and Malaysia, from entry level zenius family printer to high volumn printing quantum printer. Select the range of your printer suitable base on your printing requirement. Zenius offer you the most economic printing requirement, primacy is the most affordable card printer from evolis. Go with securion if you would like to add additional security protection into your ID card and select quantum if you want to have non attended printing for up to 1000 cards per cycle.
With the advancement of today auto identification technology, ID card printer application have been advance and evolve from human ID printing to various item ID printing application. We category the application base on the industry segment which can provide you more reference how to implement your company or organization ID card solution. Below is the summary sector which has been successfully implemented ID card in their daily operation.
If you have an ideal on how to implement your id card system but searching proof on the ID card printing result, try to visit our evolis card printer show room located at Toa Payoh Singapore or Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our ID card expert will advise you on your ID card design and suggest you which ID card printer to be used to produce your card.
One of the evolis card printing conner located at Toa Payoh Singapore