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ID card serve as Staff identity in the corporate to have more corporate image

use employee card for your corporation


For a corporate have more than 50 staffs, newly join staff take at least a week or more to familiar him/herself with the new working environment. At this moment in time, personal identity is the most critical issue .

The main function of company ID badges is to identify employees. The badge can also serve as an access control card, depending on the level of security required.

An ID badge for all your employees

An employee badge is partly used to identify persons within a company. The badge holder's data can be printed or recorded on the badge: first name, surname, photo, role, department, building access, etc.

An employee and access control badge

Evolis business card printer machines include modules allowing personal data to be encoded within the card. You can therefore use your badges to secure access and strengthen security within your company. A badge can give access to different sites within the company:


Specific infrastructure

The IT network

The company canteen

Staff rooms, etc.


Badges of exceptional quality produced in record time

Evolis corporate card printers allow badges to be printed easily and rapidly. Each new employee can be given a badge on their first day of work.

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Autotrack now comes with a staff verification feature, it allows your customer to verify your staff identity by scanning on the badge barcode.