Autotrack Enterprise Tools tracking solution, the brief solution capability and how it can help you to simplify your tracking needs.


Autotrack Enterprise Tools Tracking Software is one of the most flexible solutions to be used together with barcode or RFID technology. With this simple and integrated solution, you can immediately know where is the tool located, when is the purchase date of the tool and where can you get the same tool again for your backup purpose, when you should send the tool for maintenance after certain period of time, who is the last user of the tools and what is your planning of the tools and should you purchase a backup unit for the tool in order to prevent any interruption for the tools user. With the fully implemented tools tracking solution, organizations can save quite a lot of time and cost in terms of tool investing and maintaining. The main objective of the tools tracking solution is to allow the organisation to have proper, clearer and more transparent control of the tools and at the same time make sure all the tools are fully optimised when performing the job.
Tools Tracking

What tools tracking software can do?

Problem always faced by the technician when trying to perform the onsite service with the poorly maintained tools. Technicians always face challenges when trying to perform onsite service and forget to bring along the necessary tools or when reaching onsite, the carried along tool fails to perform as what it is supposed to do. This is a wasting time and money activity faced by many of the organisations in the market. Routine maintenance of the tools is a must for some of the tools in order to make sure the tool is performing optimised when needed. Autotrack is the most user friendly tracking system which can help you to perform this simple but repeating task. Weekly, monthly or yearly routine maintenance is reminded by the system to the technicians in order to make sure their tools are properly maintained and working as per normal when needed. What can you get out of this tracking system? Autotrack Enterprise Tools tracking solution tells you the most important information about the where is your current tools, when the tools being used, who is the previous user, what is inside the tool package and who you suppose to follow up in order to get the tools. This online and transparency information helps your members in the organization be able to organize their tasks without worrying about the tool's condition and give them concentration on the task they are supposed to perform and no to worry on the tools. Who should use this solution? For sure the onsite technicians who are required to share the tools is the user for the system. On top of this, the technician coordinator is responsible for the maintenance schedule and arrangement should be the administrator for this system. Maintenance coordinator can assist the technician in order to properly arrange the required tools when the technician is onsite and assisting them to make sure the service is properly performed with fully working tools on hand. Where should you put this solution? Autotrack Enterprise Tools Tracking solution is an on premises and on the cloud solution. Users have the option to select either on premises for higher data security or on the cloud for much easy data access installation. Autotrack team with our ability will assist our users to configure a suitable environment based on their company data protection policy. How to use tools tracking solutions? First action to be performed in tools tracking is to allocate a unique identifier for the tools with barcode or RFID tag. Once the tag is produced, you just need to place the tag directly on the tools. Once tagging is done, you can schedule the weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance for these tools so the reminder will be sent to the tool responsible technically in order to send the tools for preventive maintenance purposes. With the same system, tools administrators also use it to perform the loan and return recording purposes. For simplicity, the loan and return can be performed via mobile phone which connected to the same network. Once this loan, return perform according to the tools handling, the history of the tools can be viewed immediately by all the solution users. The technician can make a final predictive decision on the tools everytime they borrow the tool from the administrator. Example: if the specific tool last user is Mr. Ramly, the next borrower will expect the tools battery is always at low level even the SOP written by the last user support to fully charge the tool before returning back to the tools warehouse.


Huge Number of Tools to be track (maximum is 10GB for SQL express)
More than 10’000 user for the software (Software performance depend on SQL express capability, upgradable to SQL enterprise for better performance and bigger data storage)
Check Out or loan records for tools to which employee.
Check In or return a record to Locations or rack.
Tools loan and return record log.
Auto Tracking Maintenance Schedules and Repairs via email.
Loan and return with your phone with Android app
Hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud
Upgradable to microsoft SQL enterprise for faster and higher transaction processing.
Tools photo capture and recording capabilities.

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