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Card printer for secure access control application for ID card printing

Ensure the security of your employees and your facilities with access control badges.

Secure access to your buildings with employee badges
Employee badges are an essential means of controlling access to a company. Beyond visual identification, it allows secure and independent access to facilities.

A personalized access card for greater security and comfort
Using RFID cards, you can incorporate the personal data of the badge holders into the badges, protecting access, and strengthening the security of your company:

Managing secure access to doors and gateways
Authorizing access to IT networks via a card reader
Facilitating employee attendance management
Offering additional services to employees, for example cash-free payment in the company restaurant or ATM machines
Evolis card printers include modules allowing personal data to be encoded within the card.

Manage secure access cards independently with Evolis printers
Evolis card printers allow professional and durable access control badges to be produced easily and rapidly.
They can easily be integrated with existing access control systems in your company, and are available from a number of systems integrators (Sagem, Morpho, etc.) for new projects.

Print your personalized cards on demand
Evolis card printers are as easy to use as a standard office printer. Easy customization of your ID cards with your company branding, in just a few seconds.
Instant reprinting of any replacement ID cards needed and production of personalized access badges for new employees as soon as they arrive.
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