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Education cards issuing make simple with ID card printer, secure your school environment


Personal identity is the most important factor in the education system in most of the country, batch of student in and out from the education institution year to year, with the student identity, it facilitate the education management staff to easily identify the newly intake student especially on the beginning of each school starting period. Student card are the most important identity for the student since they started their study from elementary school toward to high and college education.

Step issuing student card.

Student registration is the first step in issuing student identity card, various information like name, date of birth, photo, grade of student, entry class will be recorded into student management system. Once the information input is finish, student ID card will be directly printed from the student management system. We provide the integration between our card printer with any student management system. The common practice in the education sector is the student management system will assign different color coding base on every year entry to the school. In the same issuing of ID card for student, the student management system will also assign automatically the student to individual group and allow them to access certain facility freely.

Technology use for controlling facility

Barcode is the most economical way of controlling the school facility like canteen, swimming pool, library, tennis court, multimedia room and so on. Alternative to barcode, magnetic technology will be and option with higher security. Base on today advancement of RFID technology, contactless RFID chip will be the most popular option to ensure the security control for most of the education institution.

Attendance tracking

Student punctuation is one of the aspect to be educate during the learning cycle, attendance tracking report allow school management to educate student base on their daily attendance to the school. For the primary student, online attendance in school may also provide safety information for the parent for their children daily location.

Printing on demand

ID card printer offers you an easy to use solution in personalized your school ID card in few second, we make sure we able to enhance your student registration and management productivity. Newly print or reprint any ID cards now no longer a problem to the administration staff.

Advantages of ID card solution

Quick and easy identification of your students

Security for your building

Instant production

Robust medium

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