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Do you really understand what one object one identity, what does the technology do for the product you produce in your factory?

What is One object one identity?
"Identity" means recognition, also called ID. The identity itself represents a string of coded information representing the item it wants to refer to.

What other common name for one object one identity?
One item one code
One item one identity
One object one ID
Single Item, Single Code
Single Item Identification
serialized product code
unique product identifier

Implemente concept
It has unique identification; "One object, one identity" as the name suggests is a unique identification code for a product. For the same species of object, unique identification still needs to be given to individual objects.

Example of One object one identity

1 bag cooking oil 1 identity
1 pack RM90sen Mamee snack noodle 1 identity

1 bottle chili sauce 1 identity

1 frozen chicken 1 identity

1 pant 1 identity

1 chair 1 identity

1 pack grape 1 identity

1 bottle vitamin-C 1 identity

1 bread 1 identity

1 kerepek 1 identity

1 tin pegaga juice 1 identity

1 moon cake 1 code

More about one object one identity
For one object one identity to work, cloud online platform is a must. This solution utilizes SaaS cloud platform and IoT technology to seamlessly connect brands and channels, retail terminals and consumers, It is a technology that can provide comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, traceability, marketing and other integrated solutions.

Direct benefit
Through the one-object-one-identity technology, we can open up all-channel customer data, aggregate all-channel data assets, and then build a brand enterprise account system and private domain traffic pool.

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