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How to print your employee staff ID with checking online capability, let us to assist you on this simple action


In a business environment, an employee badge is essential for easy identification of your company's personnel. In addition to a design that is unique to your company, including your logo and other branding, badges can also be printed with various personal details:
  • Photo
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Jib Title
  • Department
  • Site, etc.
Employees can confirm their identity at all times simply by wearing this badge. Your employees are therefore instantly recognizable to anyone within your premises.


In order to safeguard access to your premises and/or your data, the employee badge can take on the function of an access control card. This allows you to prevent intrusions by unauthorized persons and, at the same time, protect your employees, infrastructure, property, and data.
By adding a barcode, QR code, or direct encoding in the card to the badge, you can easily manage access to your buildings, sensitive zones, and data using the permissions and rights that you define.

Your employee badges can include:
  • a barcode or QR code printed directly on the card
  • a magnetic strip
  • a contact or contactless chip (RFID)

These devices can be quickly implemented with a simple card reader, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness. Contactless access control has two major advantages: 
  • respect for hygiene rules
  • fluidity of access control when there are large numbers of people

AUTOTRACK Staff Verification Solutions

Fake identification cases happen from time to time in society. Autotrack staff verification system is a fully integrated staff card with QR barcode generation system and scanning system to allow our hardware user to have a fully integrated solution after they purchase the identification equipment from us. It allows a fully integrated ID card printer with Autotrack and allows ID staff card printing. Autotrack staff verification software is also integrated with most of the barcode scanner and mobile computer offers in order to allow you to verify and data capture directly into the Autotrack backend database. For certain staff location tracking, you can just allocate the fix station in order for them to do attendance marking.


Staff verification
Attendance marking
Location tracking
Staff verification

Duplication of identity cards can happen easily but duplication of corporate website domain verification pages is not easy to do.* Autotrack with the help of evolis card printer now offers our customer identity card online verification system. Our ID card customers just need to print out their ID card directly from the Autotrack software, their staff Identity can now directly publish online. For sure this option is user selectable, the organisation just needs to publish the outdoor staff information online and not the whole company staff information online.

How does this solution work?

Step 1

Customers who purchase the evolis ID card printer have the option to select to upgrade their ID card printing software from default bundle offline card printing software to online Autotrack staff card verification software. The ID card needs to embed an 2D QR barcode directly on the design. Once the card is printed, the staff information will be posted online.

Step 2

Education for your customer. Together with your marketing department, you need to inform this security feature to your customer together with your onsite service. Just educate your customer to use their mobile phone to scan on your staff ID 2D QR code, your staff Identity will be displayed directly on your customer mobile phone. No additional software required.

What happens if someone duplicates the company staff ID card?

Autotrack comes with a verification (TAC) request feature. After the customer scans on your staff ID card 2D QR Code, they can request the onsite staff to verify their TAC number with customer generated TAC number.

What can this solution help your organisation?

Corporate image branding is the first benefit you can retrieve from this simple and easy to use solution. For sure the inbuilt free staff tracking automatically done by your customer for your organisation. Your customer is assisting you to mark your staff attendance once they are onsite to perform their task.

With the minimum effort, your organisation invested in an ID card bringing additional indirect return more than what you just wearing an ID card by your staff. The identification card not only carries the identification purpose, it also brings you the organisation improvement in terms of image as well as staff discipline improvement.

For more information, please contact and email us as below details:

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