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How can you select a label printer for your heavy duty operation?

A question customer always asks is what type of printer should they select for their operation? Why should they purchase branded and slightly higher price printer compare a lowest price printer? What is the advantage to choose the high end branded printer compare with simple industry grade printer? Below are a few consideration points for you before you make a decision on selecting the right printer for your operation.

  1. What is your budget for the printer?
  2. What is your printing volume per day?
  3. What is the label size you are printing?
  4. How fast you want to printer to print for you?
  5. Are you sticking the label manually or automatically?
  6. How critical is your label to your operation?
  7. Do you require ontime printing or batch printing?
  8. Do you required to capture the printed information?
  9. Do you need to read back the printed barcode to make sure it able to read by your customer?
  10. Do you require mobile phone printing?
  11. Does your printed label need to audit by the auditor by the end of the operation?
  12. Are you printing in an office environment or production environment?
  13. Who is the operator? A muscular man or a tiny lady?
  14. Are you using direct thermal label or thermal transfer label?

Why above question will affect the printer you select, we will explain it in our coming info write out. Stay tune.

Try to design and print your barcode for free from below page, send it to your customer to make sure the barcode can read by them.


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