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Food tags for superior guest experience at the Marina Mandarin Singapore hotel - evolis zenius printer

In the hospitality industry, and more specifically in high-end luxury hospitality, catering services play a critical role in engaging with guests. In Asia, hospitality services are constantly raising the bar in their quest for excellence, and hotels pay close attention to how food is presented to their guests: an eye-catching and brilliant layout is always a priority, especially for the buffet line. The Marina Mandarin Singapore, a 5-star hotel, leverages on the efficiency of the Zenius card printer from Evolis for food tags at the café’s buffet. 

At the café, new dishes are introduced and regularly renewed during certain seasons and festivals such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, or when new dishes are created for a specific event. It proved to be quite a challenge to update information efficiently and on the spot, so that each dish in the food and delicatessen selection could be appropriately christened using tags. Lee Beng Khoon, Director of Food & Beverage, Marina Mandarin Singapore, met Evolis at the Office Expo Asia tradeshow held in the city. This led to a session at the hotel premises where Evolis demonstrated how easy it was to deliver and update price tags. But beyond price tags, other applications can also be supported, and Lee Beng Khoon saw tremendous value in the solution which could be customized to print food labels for the buffet. “After an internal procurement approval that took around three months, a Zenius card printer was installed at the hotel facility. The restaurant staff quickly moved into top gear to proficiently use this printer, as very little training was involved. Operating the printer is very easy which is helpful in any catering environment where staff turnover is usually high”, explains Lee Beng Khoon. A very professional design The hotel management sees this printer as a flexible and innovative solution for changing or updating food tags on demand. This is achieved by simply adding or changing a name on a tag template. The saving in time is significant, as updating around 25 tags is carried out in a matter of minutes. Names are printed on black cards using white ribbons, for tags that fully comply with the food industry’s requirements of hygiene. “With premium printing quality, the Zenius card printer makes our food tags stand apart with a very professional look and feel. And our restaurant staff find it so easy to carry out tag updates and issuance”, points out Lee Beng Khoon.

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