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Barcode verification plus recording solution with Autotrack Work In Progress for Car Seat Assembly Application and more.


In the manufacturing environment, part selection mistake always happens especially in the event where the product designer/engineer not able to standardize the component to be used during the assembly process. Audit trail also not able to be perform if the production floor does not have a proper recording and verification process. Autotrack Team understand this difficulty and process need to improve for most of the manufacturer. This is the reason we deliver to you our latest web-based technology with today rugged data collection mobile computer or fix position scanning technology.
What is Autotrack Work in Progress for Car Seat Assembly?
Autotrack work in progress is a on demand application use for tracking and verify the assembly process. It uses to give the operator a 100% confident before fixing up the part onto the main product. Any error on picking or selecting part will be give an error sound on verification process. At the same time, it will also record the process data for future investigation and audit purposes. Fully web-based system allows the software being installed either on premises or to the cloud. We recommend Windows Azure cloud for your application.
How the tracking and verification work?
2 simple backend processes to be perform before the verification can be used at the production floor. Step 1 import build of material (BOM) from planning department into Autotrack and step 2 distributed this build of material from Autotrack to mobile computer. Now the operator worker can use the mobile terminal for the part fixing and verification process. Once the verification process finish or at the end of the production shift, the worker required to carry back the terminal back to the host computer to do data transfer back to Autotrack. Above step can be simplify if the customer production floor is fully covered by WiFi infrastructure and the verification Mobile computer able to be online during the scanning process. If the wrong part being used during the fixing process, the scanner will give a wrong indicator sound to remind operator.
Where is the place to use Autotrack?
Autotrack Work In Progress Tracking is always base on On-Demand setup, different process station will have different type of setup for the production. The most simple and easy setup is every assembly station will setup a verification unit with either station display or with mobile display (Mobile Computer). Alternativity, the scanning and verification terminal will be travel together with the cart on wheel (COW). Setup for COW is based on the working process whereby the fixing product is station and the operator will have required to travel with the fixing and data collection device together with the chart. This reverse data collection process will more towards the servicing operation. Regardless which type of setup, the Autotrack will still give the administrator the complete scanning result and proper verification process for the operator.
Why you should use Autotrack Work In Progress?
100% correct working process with correct item is the basic of quality control, in production application especially, the ideal situation is the best quality and highest production rate to be achieve by the operator. Autotrack is the best option for you to make sure your production team achieve best quality result and proper audit report for supervisor to present it to their customer. Autotrack Work in progress will offer you the complete report of scanning for report submission.

What Auotrack team can offer other than Work In Progress?
Derived from Autotrack Work In Progress, Autotrack team also offer to our customer the next process after data collection which is quality verification. Autotrack Quality Verifier integrated most of the vision inspection system available in the market, give you the vision inspection process after the identity verification process. Autotrack Vision Inspection will continuous after the identity verification process with surface or shape or any vision achievable inspection and the data will be consolidated into a single Autotrack system in order for next process verification and end of shift reporting.
What is the last step before the product being deliver to customer?
By following up of industry 4.0 trend as well as IoT on cloud, direct marking of the finished goods is one of the most important process. Autotrack team understand this and we also integrated our laser marking solution at the end of the production state for the customer to brand their product with permanent marking on the product to make sure it accepted and recorded toward it life span in the market.

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