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Product traceability with barcode technology, which technology you should choose

Comparison between different technology to put on barcode on your product, which technology you should select and use?
Different type of technology will have it own advantages and disadvantages.
Manual Labelling  Auto Labelling  Inkjet Printing  Laser Engraving 
 Manual Peel and Stick
 Auto Peel and Stick  Print on product  Peel off product surface
 Labour intensive  Automatic
 Environment Not Friendly  Environment Not Friendly  Environment Not Friendly  Environment Friendly 
 Operator not Friendly  Operator not Friendly  Operator not Friendly  Operator Friendly 
 Always consumable change Always consumable change  Always consumable change  No Consumable
 Slow Medium  Fast  Fast 
 Printing Resolution Depend on Printhead, Medium resolution  Printing Resolution Depend on Printhead, Medium resolution  Low Resolution High and precise Reolution
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