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The different between static QRcode and dynamic QRcode, how to identify it?

Scan below barcode for more than 3 times, the static barcode will always give you same result and the dynamic barcode always give you different result.

Static QRCode
Dynamic QRCode

What you need to know?
If you are responsible for your company barcode system design and development, make sure you also consider what is advantageous to use dynamic QRcode instead of static QRcode.

In today’s dynamic world, if you are still using static QRcode to display your company information to your customers, it may be a waste of effort and not able to deliver correct information to the correct customer. In this information explosion era, delivery of no correct information will be equivalent as not delivery information.

How dynamic QRcode can help you with this?
AGen dynamic QRcode solution offer you an easy management tools whereby you can make sure you able to push the correct information with your product packaging barcode and is not just show the static company website to your customer who purchased your product.

Example: a detergent customer who purchased facial foam will be interested in buying hand soap for the same detergent manufacturer rather than buy floor cleaning detergent. They may feel not comfortable if they scan the facial foam barcode, but your website shows them your floor cleaning detergent products.

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