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We offer you the software solution to allow you to record your weighing activity and present it as report for you.

AGen weighing scale auditor is the solution use by enterprise for recording process. this is a crucial component in various industries, particularly in manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. This process involves measuring and recording the weight of raw materials, semi-finished, or finished products to ensure accuracy in production, inventory management, and quality control.
How the solution work?

Weight Capture and Recording:
Automatic Weight Capture: AGen weighing scale auditor automatically captures the weight data from the weighing scale to large scale weighbridge.
Data Logging: Each weighing transaction is logged into a database with details such as date, time, user information and weight.

What other information you may need?

AGen weighing scale auditor also offer seamless connection with all the barcode reader, barcode printer in the market. AGen also allow users to tag their weighing product using RFID technology. You can also snapshot a photo on every weighing process in order to make a picture audit on the weighing process.

Ticketing and Documentation:

AGen weighing scale auditor will allow you to generate weigh tickets or receipts for each transaction. At the same time stores and manages all related documentation, such as delivery notes, invoices, and compliance certificates can be also trigger from this software.

Configurable and Scalability:

Configurable Interface: Allows user to configure of the user interface to match specific business processes. You may configure yourself either to weight the item first, or key in the remark first or both simultaneously.
Scalability: AGen also capable of scaling to accommodate increasing volumes of data and additional weighbridges or weighing scale as the business grows.

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