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Data communication via TCPIP now ready with AGen software, AGen is IoT ready. How about you?

With the enhancement of networking and IoT technology, it is time to move to TCPIP device instead of USB or RS232. What is that so?

Cloud technology is the trend for today technology device due to it Scalability, Reliability, Agility, flexibility, shareability and portability. The user no longer required to connect the device directly to the specific machine and the input and output device now connected directly to the cloud and the output or human interaction can be access via any portable device come together with the user.

AGen development is based on this technology direction where we allow user to interface their networking device directly with AGen software with basic primitive communication. The human readable result will be display on any of the device holding by the user without directly connect to the devices. All the gadgets will be connected to cloud and AGen will perform the first level data processing before presenting it to the user.

Below is the picture illustrating for you how the connection can be performed between AGen and different TCPIP devices.

Connection between AGen with Fix mount barcode reader via TCPIP.

Connection between AGen with wireless barcode scanner with display via TCPIP.

Connection between AGen with weighting scale and user input

Connection between AGen with Temperature and Humanity sensor with user input

Connection between AGen with barcode printer via TCPIP.

Connection between AGen with price checker.

by: pang

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