Part Number: 959914116
Order Number: 82700145
MX-E45-2-N-2, 2 PORTS, NPN, WIN10 959914116

The MX-E Series of Industrial Vision Processors provides the highest
performance in image processing with unmatched flexibility through
GigE multi-camera connectivity support.
The MX-E Series allows users to choose the level of system performance
and complexity based on their application needs. Three different MX-E
models are available, each featuring the latest processors and high
speed PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera ports.
MX-E vision processors are equipped with NPN or PNP digital I/O and
power up to 8 Gigabit PoE cameras.
The MX-E25 is an entry-level, affordable processor capable of connecting
to 2 cameras. The MX-E25 offers a cost effective means to migrate from
smart camera applications to an industrial vision system.
The MX-E45 is a rugged and compact industrial vision processor that
features multi-core processors and up to 4 cameras. The MX-E45’s long
life embedded components provide a robust and reliable vision system
for critical inspection applications.


Rugged, industrial, high-powered vision processors
State-of-the-art processors and the highest-quality, industry leading hardware components
Three models for different performance levels
Compatible with a wide range of cameras from VGA up to very high resolution
• Grayscale and Color, Area Scan and Line Scan cameras
Ethernet (GigE Vision) connectivity and multi-camera support
Up to eight Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera ports – PoE compliant cameras need no power
cables and support up to 100 meter cable lengths
Universal dongle for easier SW license management
Complete IMPACT software suite included for ultimate programming flexibility – addresses any
inspection and user interface needs
Long-term product availability

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