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I am free from COVID-19 virus, print out your ID card for your staff in order to present to your customer and other staff

With the announcement of our defence minister on the possibility to wear an ID card for the security guard outside the retail shop to assist customers, eVolis Malaysia now ready for you the complete solution on this. Our ID card printer is assisting you to print out your ID badge and COVID-19 virus free pass. Just download the COVID-19 free ID badge virus free pass template and use your evolis card printer to print out the virus free card. It helps you to identify you to your customer in order to make them feel safe when you offer the help to them. If you wanted to print out this pass and do not know how to do it, just contact us at 03-62801650.

by: pang

12/Jan/2021IconAutotrack now comes with a staff verification feature, it allows your customer to verify your staff identity by scanning on the badge barcode.

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