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Datalogic Memor 1 now come with latest wireless charging technology, go wireless for barcode scanning

The mobile world is going Wireless!

Beginning with select consumer devices over the last few years, wireless charging has gone mainstream thanks to the major smartphone manufacturers.

Standards have consolidated and are now at a convergence: Qi is the clear winner!

Datalogic is at the edge of this technology and anticipated the trends with the first enterprise rugged device WLC enabled (Joya Touch), featuring Qi technology.

Why Wireless Charging?

Unparalleled Reliability Charging problems are the number one issue mentioned by customers throughout AIDC industry
Maximum Uptime Contacts get dirty and must be cleaned
Cleaning process can be burdensome and therefore ignored
World Class Ergonomics Placement of the device into the charging base/dock guarantees proper charging with no risk of wrong insertions .

Datalogic Dock is wireless charging dock
Compatibility with commercial Qi charging mats/stands is a plus that Datalogic customers can leverage.
Datalogic docks are specifically designed for Memor 1 and provide an unbeatable value by:
Assuring full interoperability with accessories (pistol grip, etc.)
Providing the best in class power efficiency, with no compromise vs. legacy wired solutions
Supporting Fast Charging at 10 W (vs. 2.5-5W for commercial chargers), along with choice of charging profiles
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