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Understanding Laser Marking machine what is inside the machine and what is the function of each part for marking your product.

Laser marking machine have multi part in a complete machine, in order for you to make sure your purchase, make sure your decide of the machine come with below part. Some of the part may or may not exist in your machine but the main hardware should come together with your purchase

Part available for laser machine as below

 Main Hardware 
 Control Rack 

 Scan Head 


 Other Component
 3Pin UK plug

 Command Box Connector (*)
 Interlock Gold Connector (*)
 Interlock cable
 System Keys
 USB flash drive
Rack adapters
 Quick Reference Guide 
 Test Report
 Sample Test 
 Fume Extractor
 Table Stand
 Protective Polaroid Glass
 Metal Ruler
 Allen Key Set
 Laser Marking Plate

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