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Using laser engraving with Aututrack for glove and condom manufacturing for mould wear and tear replacement tracking.

Laser engraving is the technology being widely used in the mould tracking purposes. In the glove making manufacturing, the mould quality issue can simply spotted on the semi finished product of glove and condom making. During the forming process, the rubber will stick on the mould and cooling process happen. The engraved number on the mould will be mark glove or condom, and this mould will be recycle for next process.

Once the defect spotted on the finish product, the mould will be taken out for replacement to prevent the next quality issue on the next forming process.

How to laser engraving on the glove or condom mould?
Autotrack provided you one stop engraving and recording process, Once the mould being lasered engraved, the number will be automatically recorded into Autotrack. The end user will be able to retrieve back the mould information immediately from the autotrack by using their computer or mobile device.

What machine to use in this process.
Mould tracking commonly use our autotrack work in progress mould tracking solution. We will provide you a heavy duty mould engraving laser marker and 1 auto recording solution. Once the mould marked with the laser, it will be recorded into autotrack by presenting under the Datalogic matrix 120 scanner. The complete records will be store in the center database and to be retrieved once the mould information is requested.

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