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Solution for factory to record when is the production date of the product by using barcode technology, it is so that simple.

To view printing transaction from Autotrack for your auditing purpose.

Autotrack professional Label Designer come with standard reporting for printing transaction log for the label your company produce, it helps you to track the production date of your company product. This transaction log is useful when your customer is trying to claim warranty from you on the product you produce. Example of the industry use is food producer, electronic manufacturer, car spare part manufacturer, pharmaceutical industry and etc.

By giving a serial number to your product, Autotrack Professional Label Designer now give you a ready make webbase application to do simple tracking.

Below is an example of application use for batteries manufacturer to track their battery production date. The store supervisor will design a battery sticker with running serial number as below, the sticker serial number produce without repeat. Once the sticker being printed, the production date and last handle worker will be recorded into Autotrack Professional Label Designer software.

The list of transaction record will be display on the page, you can filter and find the produce item serial number by just entering the product serial number into the filter box.

By selecting the different type of export data format, you can just simply export out the data into your prefer format and email it to your client. You may apply the filter on the data before you export it as audit log for your product.

Exported Result as below



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11/Jan/2021IconProduct traceability with barcode technology, which technology you should choose

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