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Sourcing GST equipment for your newly open shop in Malaysia

After implementation of Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia, all company who wanted to start their shop required to computerize all their transaction in order for the GST payment to the government. Up to date, Malaysia have custom already certify up to 200++ company where by compliant to Malaysia GST. Other than having GST compliant software, business owner also required to have various type of hardware use to setup and records their daily transaction, below is the various equipment can need for the new business starting. We simplify the name on these devices as Point Of Sales equipment or P.O.S. equipment. Below is the listing for POS device:

Cash drawer: The place for business owner to store their money and cheque temporary for a day of transaction.

Receipt printer: The printer use to print our receipt or invoices for the customer after they may the payment, the receipt must contain GST number for the shop, this is the prove of GST already pay to the shop.

Customer display: The display show to customer how much in total they need to pay on the product they purchase.

Touch screen monitor: The is the monitor mainly use by F&B shop where by no barcode will be printed on the goods they are selling, operator will directly touching on the monitor screen to enter the product information.

Programmable keyboard: this the a special keyboard use by retailer who are selling item which do not be able apply barcode mixing together with item able to apply barcode. Every key represent 1 item in their shop. Commonly see at cinema, cake house, coffee house and small stall.

Barcode scanner: The reading devices for decoding barcode printed outside the goods they are selling.

Barcode printer: The device use to print out the label for the products they are selling together with barcode.

Price checker: machine use to display individual pricing of the product sell in the shop, allow customer to check the product pricing.

All in One Terminal: This is the integrated POS system use by the shop where by required small space for the counter, it come with touch screen together with CPU and ready for software installation.

Ipad barcode reader: With the introduction of tablet into Point of sales arena, ipad, samsung tablet or other brand tablet start to replace personal computer for this application, due to number of connector of tablet, most of the device must be connect wireless to the tablet or iPad.

by: pangbk

11/Jan/2021IconHoneywell Orbit 7120 scanner with USB interface, ideal presentation scanner to be use at Point of Sales counter
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