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Ideal barcode scanner technology for library and Hospital No more noisy “beeps’ required.

Not all bar code readers are created equal. Some specialize in reading one type of code or another; some are better at distance reading. The bar code readers from Datalogic are capable of additional special tasks.
The most important part of reading bar codes is to know that the device has successfully read the code in front of it. This confirmation is typically provided by a good-read ‘beep’. Depending on your environment, it is not always possible to hear the beep. In other situations such as hospital patient rooms or libraries, it is not desirable to have repeated ‘beeping’ occuring when scanning.
Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback improves user performance by projecting a green spot directly on the bar code just read.
This visual confirmation is perfect for applications where silent reading is preferred or in environments that are too noisy to hear the beep.
The ‘Green Spot’ is also effective when used to target a single code from a group of codes or to position a single code inside the reading area. When Datalogic readers are used in Stand Mode, the ‘Green Spot’ remains on and can work as an aiming system to help position the code for quick and intuitive reading.
In the Healthcare industry, the ‘Green Spot’ can also be used to positively match a patient with their medical records or treatment plan. First, scan the patient’s records. Next, scan the patient’s coded wristband. When the second code matches the first, the red scan line changes to a green spot. This ‘Green Spot’ technology confirms that the clinician has matched the right patient with their records or treatment plan. This simple, elegant solution requires almost no user training, automates a manual process and provides an extremely effective safeguard to patient safety.

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