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Stock take activity with AGen running on mobile device make your store life easier and enjoyable. Watch the youtube video.

Stock take process can be as simple as 123, just run the stock take application on your mobile device then scan and keyin quantity, the stock take process is done.
Below 3 video show you how to use 3 different mobile device to do stock take.
Point mobile PM351
Point mobile PM75
Samsung S22 smart phone.

The process flow can be customised by just drag and drop the control from AGen control panel page.

Playlist for Stock take run on the mobile device.

To watch the video individually, refer to video below
Do stock take with point mobile PM351 warehouse keypad model mobile computer.

to do stock take using point mobile PM75, watch the video below
Let do stock take with Location by using point mobile PM75 mobile computer

For doing stock take with you mobile phone, let look into stock take with samsung phone.
How to do stock take with your android mobile phone, demo video is using samsung S22

We are welcome partner from different country to join force with us. the application supported different famous mobile computer device include Zebra, Honeywell, Point mobile, Datalogic, Unitec and etc.

you may view more application you may create by using AGen. Our team able to provide you the success application (Bullet) which being use by our customer in Malaysia and Singapore.

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