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Asset label printing is one of the challenging parts in implementation of asset tracking solutions in the organization. How to simplify the printing of the asset label?

        Autotrack Professional Asset Tracking software is specialise design for tracking organisation asset. Autotrack                    Professional Asset Tracking is a comprehensive, user friendly and affordable solutions in assist you ultimately effective And efficiency in you asset tracking activity. It in build flexible configurable setting make this software can be a use for most of the organisation.

    With the advancement of barcode and mobile computer technologies, asset tracking today become easily be done by just scanning the barcode on the asset. The clear information include when you purchase the asset, how it look like originally, where it support to locate, who are the temporary owner of the asset can be fully view on your mobile computer.

       Autotrack Professional Asset Tracking software offer you the simple way to print your asset sticker either 1D                     barcode or 2D barcode.     

                   Asset Master - In this Asset Master column you may simply create your new asset, edit the asset information,                         store all information for the internal assets and print the asset in barcode label as below steps.



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