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Autotrack asset tracking software which is all in one solution allows you to track your office equipment easily and information technology devices.

Autotrack asset tracking solution is an all-in-one solution for unified functionalities, easy to use and can create a better user experience. This solution has comprehensive asset life cycle information i.e. asset tagging, enrollment of assets, asset tracking, audit-trail, asset transfer & configuration changes, asset write-off & disposal.

Autotrack solutions have the ability to record various types of assets, such as IT assets, electronic equipment, facilities equipment, vehicles, etc. this solution is able to support multiple concurrent user logins at one time.

This software caters approval workflows that can be configured by the Administrator. At the same time In order to ensure accurate asset information, the solution allows a checker maker process for enrolment, configuration changes, etc.

The client portion of the software supports interoperability on major OS (Windows, Linux, IOS, Android) and devices (desktop, notebook, tablets, and smartphones. Where it able to run on latest version of all major internet browsers (i.e. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome).

Autotrack asset tracking has an intuitive "Search" feature; search by Tag ID, serial, models, brands, year of purchase, custodian, specification, etc. our system is able to integrate with other systems used by most of the organizations in Malaysia. This software also support role-based access matrix i.e. System Owner, Administrator, Asset Manager, Users, Viewers, Auditors, etc.
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