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Looking for ticket validation solutions in Malaysia, we can help you on this journey.


AGen ticket validation solution is the solution run at android mobile device with support of barcode reading capability. It used to validate theme parks, events, bus, train or flight ticket which connect directly to the customer existing ticketing system.
This solution is used by different companies to prevent fraudulent activity such as counterfeiting or duplication of tickets, and to ensure that only valid ticket holders can be on board.

There are several ways in which ticket validation can be implemented, however the most economic method will be barcode scanning, in barcode scanning: it involves scanning a 1D barcode or 2D barcode printed on the ticket using a handheld or stationary scanner. The scanner reads the code and verifies it against a database to ensure that the ticket is valid. When the valid ticket is detected, the valid sound with clear indication will be displayed on the terminal and different clear indications wrong sound will be displayed on the terminal if the ticket barcode not found in the database.
Every validation will be logged into the event log table, this log can be later use as report for daily event log auditing purposes.

Highly configurable
Local build and local support
Connect with customers existing database via different protocol
Support different types of mobile devices
Support mobile printing
Support offline validation

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