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Asset Tracking Process Flow, How to implement asset tracking for your company, Autotrack team can help you on this

Create new item
Every new item must be created in the system before starting the tracking process
This allows the user to input all the item information to the system like asset description, asset type, asset group.

Asset Tagging

Asset tagging is the process to identify the item by stick the label tag to the item, this will provide a unique identity to the item

Receiving is the process to enroll the item into the system by inserting the supplier and quantity that need to be received

Check out
Check out is the process to loan the item to the customer of staff

Check in the process where the staff or customer return the loan item

The transfer is the process to transfer the items from location to another location

Asset check
Asset check is the process allow the user to perform verification on the asset

Write off
The write-off is the process to write off the item from the system due to damage or malfunction.

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