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Receive incoming components scheduled for repair/ maintenance/servicing from construction site to Workshop.

Routine maintenance is one of the most important tasks to be performed by maintenance technicians in order to make sure the component or tools is at optimum condition in order to perform the task. Unnecessary break down on the tools or components during the daily maintenance task on the main object will cause unnecessary losses to the organization. The maintenance of tools and equipment become more comprehensive and necessary if the task is performed at the highly corrosive environment like a chemical plant, seaside offshore, mining site etc.


Autotrack builds to remind you of the yearly, monthly or weekly maintenance of the tools by using the barcode or RFID technique whereby the maintenance technician just needs to place the barcode or RFID tag on the tools or machinery they wanted to maintain and enter the information into the system. The system will automatically send out the notification to the respective person in charge of the tools or supplier for the routine maintenance to be performed on the tools.

Sending items to be collected back to the warehouse is also another annoying task for the maintenance technician, thanks to Autotrack, this repeating task now can be performed by the autotrack in order to assist you to make sure your tolls are always in the ready condition.


How To use Autotrack to do Maintenance tasks?
Step 1 - Enter the tracking tools information into Autotrack including the tool photo.
Step 2 - Setup the routine maintenance schedule on this item.
Step 3 - now just make sure you read your email every morning to make sure the notifications are attended by you daily.

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