How the factory use patrol guard tour system and why they should invest on this solution?



Factory owner always have to make sure their premises always secure even after the working period, any unforeseen event happen may cause big loses to the production floor next day. Losing none production material may not big losses to the organisation, the worse situation may happen if any losses happen on the important production material. After the company management invested on the security forces to patrol their premises during non working hours, they should also make a small investment on the device to make sure the security forces work according to their assigned task. Make sure the security make at least 3 route/night, give feedback to the factory management the death spot in the factory to minimize any losses.

How to use guard tracking system?

Enhanced with latest RFID technology, ALC guard tour system give you the simple and easy to use solution. Build with solid metal sensor reader, the security guard just need to carry along the reader and touch on the present point to mark their present on the point on the particular time. Well planned route will make sure the guard is touring around your factories premises as per your request.

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