Offering renting equipment to the market with easy-to-use tracking solution simplify your daily auditing task.

Equipment renting services involve the business of providing various types of equipment, machinery, tools, or assets for temporary use to individuals, businesses, or organizations. This industry plays a crucial role in supporting a wide range of sectors were acquiring and owning equipment might not be cost-effective or practical.

The most important and repetitive job during the renting and returning process is auditing the equipment and making sure the rented equipment returns in good condition and able to be rent again to next customers.

For equipment required repair and refurbish, tracking and monitoring also play important aspect on the making sure the repair item can quickly back to service. Good tracking system can assist renting company to simplify the tracking.


RFID support
Equipment renting tracking system support RFID to make the checking out and checking in simply the counting of the renting equipment. Total count compares before equipment loaded onto the transport or after return from the renting event make sure what you take out is what you bring back in quantity.

Photo shooting support
By using mobile computer camera function, you can capture the overall photo before sending out the renting equipment and after received the return equipment for auditing purposes.

WhatsApp support
Sending message via WhatsApp to the client before sending equipment and after received return equipment is important part of customer service, just imaging after you loaded the renting equipment onto the transport then immediately.

Follow up view.
Loan and return follow up is part of the business in equipment renting application. Optimising the renting circle is the key to businesses. Easy to follow up page is important for the worker to optimise the company equipment and coordination during the equipment transportation.

Repair and refurbish follow up
Equipment rental supplier face with the item repair, maintenance services and some company may need to refurbish the equipment. Proper follow up view on this action is very important to allow staff have proper follow-up procedures.

With the help of Equipment renting management solutions powered with RFID technology, tracking can become simple then previous and making sure the auditing count can be performed regularly and easily.
by: pang
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