What is sticker sticking validator solution? Under what situation the customer required this application?

Sticker sticking process sometime is complicated and error prone especially you are purchasing from single source supplier where they do not use barcode system for their inventory control. This is always happened on the chemical industry where sticker label is not commonly use because of the drum material and adhesiveness of the sticker. Chemical company especially would like to directly print the product code onto the drum and distribute to their customer.

AGen sticker sticking validator solution is a solution design for your where you can use this system to validate or verify the proper application of stickers or labels on products or packaging. This solution is commonly used in manufacturing receiving processes to ensure that stickers are accurately placed, adhere correctly, and contain the right information. The validation process helps in maintaining quality control, meeting regulatory requirements, and avoiding errors in labelling.

Optical character processing: Implementing image processing algorithms to analyse the captured character and compare them against predefined criteria. This helps in detecting any deviations or errors in the sticker application.

Barcode/QR Code Reading: the comparison stickers contain barcodes or QR codes, AGen solution include barcode or QR code reading capabilities to ensure the accuracy of the encoded information.

Error Detection and Alerting: AGen is implementing a system that can automatically detect errors or discrepancies in the sticker application and generate alerts or notifications for corrective action. Applicator can decide he/she want to apply or not the sticker on the surface after validation process finish.

Data Logging and Traceability: Recording data related to the validation process for traceability and quality assurance purposes. Agen include storing information about each labelled product, the time of validation, and any detected issues.

Photo taking process: any mistake on the validation process will allow user to take a photo and inform the back office, so immediate correction can be performed to correct the mistake.

User Interface: Providing a user interface for operators to monitor the validation process, view results, and take corrective actions if necessary.
Customization: Allowing customization of validation criteria based on the specific requirements of the products and labels being used in the manufacturing process.

Compliance: Ensuring that the sticker sticking validator solution complies with relevant industry regulations and standards, especially if the products are subject to labelling regulations.

By using sticker sticking validator solutions, label applicator can be making sure the label sticker can be quickly and 100% sure correct when apply to the object. You can immediately WhatsApp to the back end office if you require them to reprint the sticker and event can be successfully log into the system for future investigation purposes.
by: pang
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